Bay Street

A Novel

"The whole thing was messy...

…very messy. There was a dead body.”
MONEY. SEX. MADNESS. MURDER… It’s all on BAY STREET! Piper Fantouche, beautiful junior partner in a large establishment law firm, is caught up in corporate and personal intrigue that leads to disaster and death. Read Philip Slayton’s thrilling debut novel, a legal thriller that is sure to pull you in.

Reviews of BAY STREET

“…expert and engaging… exciting and hilarious… a first rate crime novel.”

– Jack Batten, in the Toronto Star

“…a delicious, easy read with intriguing characters and a plot that keeps you hooked… a rare insider expose of how lawyers behave when nobody’s looking.”

– Judy Gerstel, on

“Slayton does an excellent job of capturing the essence of lawyers.”

– Jim Middlemiss, in Investment Executive

“A Bay Street law firm may be the perfect murder-mystery setting: A place rife with races for power and money, and more recently, a growing sense of unease about what the future holds.”

– Jeff Gray, in the Globe and Mail