Mighty Judgment

How the Supreme Court of Canada Runs Your Life

Mighty Judgment (April 2011) follows Slayton’s provocative and best-selling Lawyers Gone Bad: Money, Sex and Madness in Canada’s Legal Profession. Like Lawyers Gone Bad, it is written for anyone interested in an essential Canadian institution. It is full of substance, but easy to read and often humorous.

Mighty Judgement Launch Party

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Reviews of Mighty Judgment

“…interesting and readable… Slayton writes well — missing nothing of the substance by explaining nuanced judgments clearly and concisely.Mighty Judgment makes good reading for any lawyer and any other Canadian interested in this most mysterious branch of government.”
Winnipeg Free Press

“…a colourful sketch of the court’s hidden inner workings… a useful primer on the wrongly neglected subject of our top court, its immense power and the need for reform.”
The Globe and Mail

“…it is written in a breezy tone accessible to both lawyers and laymen alike, and provides an interesting overview of the history of the Supreme Court, thoughtful analysis of recent decisions on compelling and controversial issues and colourful quotes gleaned from interviews with current and former Supremes and their groupies in academia. …a treasure trove of historical anecdotes, colourful quotes and insightful commentary.”
The Lawyers Weekly

“…he makes a strong argument that politicians, the news media, and Canadians in general don’t pay enough attention to the men and women who sit on the Supreme Court… he succeeds in making his book readable and relatable, which is especially impressive considering the volume of information he conveys.”
Quill & Quire

“…provocative, breezily written mixture of anecdotes, case comments, and personal reflections… Slayton’s work, both on the legal profession and now the Supreme Court, has been a catalyst for important conversations about the place of law in a democracy, both within and outside legal circles…”
– Lorne Sossin, Dean, Osgoode Hall Law School

“Giving an insider’s look at how the court operates, he mixes telling detail with enlivening anecdote. …That the court makes law will come as no surprise to serious scholars who have studied the court’s work. But the biggest contribution of Mighty Judgment is bringing this undisputed fact compellingly to readers’ consciousness. …Slayton has done a great service in bringing the personalities and procedures of Canada’s supreme court into clear view for a wide readership.”
Literary Review of Canada

“…Philip Slayton has written a book that both educates and enlightens… ‘Mighty Judgment’ would not be as interesting as it is without Slayton’s talent for the written word…”