“Canadians are polite and deferential.
We think that’s virtuous.
But what if we’re just sheep?

Few things are more precious in a democratic society than individual freedom, and few things are easier to take for granted. In this timely, provocative essay, Philip Slayton argues that Canada, in ways large and small, is frittering away the liberties on which a free and open society depends. We give too much power to our politicians and unelected judges. We paper over our divisions and stifle voices that challenge conventional wisdom. We tolerate inaction on the most pressing issues of the day. It is time, writes Slayton, for Canadians to throw off their self-imposed chains, to stand up and fight for what we believe in before we lose our ability to do so—a prospect, he warns, that is far more likely than we realize.”


On the Alternate Views podcast, Philip Slayton talks about the Canadian political system, including the dangers of referendums and first past the post (FPTP) systems. He also talks about the drawbacks of social media in building false narratives, the cost of post-secondary education in Canada, prevalent social structures as well as the rights of indigenous communities and racial minorities in Canada. Click here to listen to the video on YouTube, or just use the embedded version below:

Twitter and Facebook have banned Donald Trump. At the same time Amazon has dumped the social media site Parler. The tech companies say it’s all because of posts inciting violence. What do you think? Do you support the steps these companies are taking? Should it be up to them? Click here to hear Philip Slayton in conversation on this issue on [email protected] from CBC Alberta.

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